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What Our Clients Have To Say

Strengthening Our Accountability And Aligning For Success

We decided as a group to enroll in Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop. We felt that having the discipline to attend and address the demands of this workshop would both strengthen our Accountability Group and help get us aligned for even more success.

As a result of attending this workshop and implementing countless marketing initiatives, we made more in our first THREE MONTHS of this year than we did in the first SIX MONTHS of the previous year! It was empowering and a true confidence builder.

This year, I finally broke the $150K barrier! If my goals come to fruition, I expect to break the $200K barrier next year. With Robin’s proven marketing techniques and tools, I know I can do this. That will set our wheels in motion and our progress back on track to change this from a “job” to a business and to make Holzsager Technology Services R.E.A.L.!"

Fred Holzsager

Fred Holzsager

Holzsager Technology Services, LLC

Running 79 Campaigns, Adding 14 New MSP Clients And Upselling 5 Existing Clients…All In One Year

It’s hard to believe that just a few years back, I knew little to nothing about marketing. Then, in one year, we ran 79 campaigns, added 14 new MSP clients and upsold five clients for a total of $43K in MRR and $122K in project-related revenue. Plus, we still have four deals in the pipeline that could add another $150K in project revenue and $3K in MRR! In total, we grew from $3.5M to $5M from 2016 to 2018. I think that’s very sizable growth and representative of what Cyberian Technologies has been growing and doing, only enhanced by Robin and her marketing.

Our new “Robinized” website provided a good chunk of MRR clients this year – four clients, $115K in project revenue and $9,600 in MRR! We have also run multiple referral campaigns from Robin’s Dashboard to net $18K in project revenue and another $8,100 MRR in referrals alone!

Beyond the marketing, beyond the immense value I get from being a part of an amazing Accountability Group, I receive great results from what I refer to as the Robin Robins Ecosystem. When you look at the vendors and presenters she has attending the Producers Club meetings, Road Shows and Boot Camp, they are all first-class. By now delivering high-quality products to our offering, Cyberian Technologies has become far more attractive to both new and existing clients."

Andy Banning

Andy Banning

Cyberian Technologies

One Major Reason Why We Achieved A 75% Growth — From $3.7 Million To $6.5 Million — Was Robin Robins

When I reflect on my time going through Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Workshop, one word comes to mind: Rejuvenated. Debian Information Technology — now Expera — has been a long-time member of the Technology Marketing Toolkit Producers Club. As their outside sales rep for four years now, I have taken what I’ve learned from Robin to help us increase our annual revenue from $3.7 million to $6.5 million — that’s a 75% GROWTH!"

Ciaran Hogan

Ciaran Hogan

Vice President, Expera Powered By Debian IT

In Just 12 Weeks, We Went From ZERO To MANY Marketing Initiatives

I expect to start seeing considerable monetary rewards VERY SOON as a direct result of all the marketing initiatives we have recently implemented. We now have a new website, have clearly identified our target market, defined our unique selling proposition, crafted a marketing plan, created our first newsletter, narrowed our target lists and initiated our first direct mail campaign – all in just 12 short weeks!"

Brad Allen

Brad Allen

Rojoli Technologies

We Finally Broke Free From Our Break-Fix Model And Landed Our First 5 MSP Clients For $4,737 In MRR And $20K In New Sales!

Not your typical IT services provider, I started Impress Computers with my wife back in 1993… in Zimbabwe, Africa! Unfortunately, due to increased violence in our home land, we were forced to move. We opened up a world map, found Katy, TX, and formed a company in the US within three months!

Within 10 years, we built our US-based business up to $2 million. Unfortunately, getting above that $2 million barrier seemed almost impossible. We were stuck in a RUT and not growing our company! And because we were a break-fix business, we were continually looking for new business every single day.

After my wife repeatedly mentioned Robin Robins, I reluctantly agreed to join her program. I just felt we could do it on our own (even though we’ve never done it on our own.) Boy, the Rapid Implementation Workshop certainly lives up to its name. Talk about drinking from a firehose! It forces you to take the time out for planning and really thinking about how to increase your MRR and profitability. We went full speed ahead with implementing her “Robin-ized” website, direct mail campaign, technology business reviews and more!

Getting our FIRST MSP client from Robin’s campaign was exciting! It increased our monthly recurring revenue by $1,000, plus brought in $7,600 in hardware sales! And since we joined Accelerators Club, we have added 5 NEW MSP CLIENTS for a total MRR of $4,737 and nearly $20K in hardware sales! We look forward to the next exciting chapter in our business and life improvement!"

Roland Parker

Roland Parker

CFO, Impress Computers

For The First Time In Our 20 Years In Business, I Am CONFIDENT We Will Meet Our Growth Goals!

Among the MANY results we have achieved from this sales and marketing training, we have:

  • Increased our monthly recurring revenue by $410
  • Received one very warm lead and four referrals from the Referral Challenge program
  • A fully functional CRM system to better market to prospects and clients
  • Delivered multiple marketing campaigns, both online and through the mail
  • Finally defined our target market as medical clinics and nursing homes
  • A new website with Robin’s SEO plan
  • Added 12 testimonials to our website
  • Defined our unique selling proposition and Top 5 Reasons to choose Midwest IT Systems
  • Created and printed a testimonial book
  • Created a Shock-And-Awe box
  • Completed a 12-month marketing plan
  • And much, much more!

Thank you Robin Robins and the Rapid Implementation coaches and team! Because of you, Midwest IT Systems will market with persistence which I’m confident will help us meet our growth goals!"

Morray Aukes

Morray Aukes

Vice President, Midwest IT Systems, Inc.

I Was Initially Reluctant To Attend Robin’s Workshop But Was Blown Away DURING The Workshop And AFTER, When We Added A New $8K A Month Client!

During and after Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we executed 11 strategies and campaigns and have seen results with ALL of them. Among our most successful campaigns:

  • Done-For-You Newsletter – Our newsletter is now sent to 200 of our clients and favorite prospects. It keeps our name at the forefront of their minds, and it WORKS because we just closed a new client for $8,000 in monthly recurring revenue!
  • Cross-Sell Campaign – We cross-sold a VoIP package to one of our largest clients, which adds $130 in MRR as well as a $1,400 setup fee!

Overall, we are ecstatic with our decision to join the Robin Robins team. The community gained with our Rapid Implementation Workshop, the individuals we met at Robin’s shows and the Accountability Group that is part of the Producers Club have all left a lasting impression on us!"

Jason Horne

Jason Horne

Preferred IT Group, LLC

The Best IT Industry Event I’ve EVER Attended!

After losing a major client, we decided to outsource lead generation and cold-calling. A TOTAL FAIL! We quickly realized if we wanted it done right, WE had to do the marketing ourselves. So, I attended Robin’s Cyber Security Roadshow and was immediately blown away. It was literally the best industry event I had EVER attended. Then we immediately signed up for Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop.

The weekly accountability meetings that followed the workshop were fantastic and helped us get more marketing DONE. I truly believe these marketing initiatives will change the perception of Integrity IT and improve our business tremendously! I can’t wait to report the future successes!"

Bryan Pryor

Bryan Pryor

The Ame Group

More Than Transforming My Business, Robin’s Marketing Has Transformed My Life!

What has this meant to me personally? I bought out my dad and partner just a couple years ago, with the ability to pay him MORE than he asked for to better take care of him and my mom. I gained peace of mind by paying off company debt I had carried for almost 10 years. I have TRIPLED my salary over the past four years. Plus, we recently added four new staff members, which allowed me to keep a promise to myself and take my wife on a two-week vacation to Europe! It was the first vacation since our honeymoon. And I only checked in with my office ONCE in those 10 days – such great memories!

We exceeded $1 million this year, and I expect to be at $5 million in three years! Over the next year, one area of focus is raising our profitability to be at 25% within two years.

Before I got the Toolkit and joined Producers Club, our recurring revenue was $18,332 per month, and our annual revenue was $425,340. We had 210 customers who were difficult to manage, including residential clients. Product sales were 50% of our revenue. In six years, we totaled $1.9 million in revenue.

After purchasing the Toolkit and joining Producers Club, we totaled $3.8 million in just FOUR years! This year alone, we hit $1,102,801 in revenue, and product sales was only 25% of our revenue! Thanks again for what you do to provide an opportunity for people who are willing to do the work to elevate their game and move forward. I appreciate it more than you know!"

Stuart Bryan

Stuart Bryan

I-M Technology

Our Best Year Ever

We started the year strong. It was our third year with the Technology Marketing Toolkit group. Other IT services business owners may think that growth tends to tail off after the first couple of years of implementing Robin’s sales and marketing strategies. That hasn’t been the case with Computerbilities. Even after losing our marketing person, who was trained in the TMT process, we were still able to reach our goal of 20% growth!

Thanks to adopting new sales processes and documenting our management processes, this year proved to be the BEST YEAR we have ever had! We added $169,864 in gross sales! Plus, we TRIPLED our net profit by adding $44,750! We also added 16 new clients, including 11 recurring revenue contracts. We are excited to continue growing utilizing Robin’s marketing campaigns and strategies."

Adam Pittman

Adam Pittman

Computerbilities, Inc.

I Used Persistence And Consistency To Add 2 New Clients And $6,750 In MRR In Just 12 Weeks

After an on-the-job accident that severely damaged my back, I was unable to work for several years. My injuries were my first deterrent to growing my business; my marketing approach was the second deterrent. I didn’t know how to clean a list, make follow-up calls and target a specific market. Things had to change.

With the desire to grow my business, I learned everything I could about marketing from Robin Robins. I zeroed-in on my target market in the Big Horn Basin and Billings, Wyoming areas. I learned how to correctly clean a list, created our unique selling proposition of a 100% Money Back Guarantee, and I started sending out campaigns.

In less than 12 weeks, Robin’s Aspirin Campaign brought in two new clients for monthly recurring revenue of around $6,750 a month. Through persistence and consistency, I’m now doing more marketing than I ever have in my 16+ years in business. Also, thanks to the inspiration from one of Robin’s events, I have lost 12 pounds by working out three times a week."

David Kellet

David Kellet

KI Computing

We Grew Our Monthly Recurring Revenue By 20% During A Pandemic!

By utilizing the Technology Marketing Toolkit and attending their 12-week Rapid Implementation Program, all of our marketing efforts have PAID OFF! During a pandemic, we actually GREW our monthly recurring revenue by 20% by converting existing clients to monthly service plans.

First, we used a simple e-mail to win a $3,600 annual service contract. Next, we won a $7,200 annual contract through better SEO. Finally, we landed a $2,400 annual VoIP contract using cross-selling marketing! When you have a written marketing plan, it is so much easier to stay on track. Our plan of attack is to condition ourselves to KEEP STARTING OVER and never be satisfied!"

Nathan Howell

Nathan Howell

Advantec Solutions

Just One Email = 2 New Clients. Just One Month = $7,438 In Monthly Recurring Revenue.

A few highlights from Robin Robins’ Rapid Implementation Program these past 90 days: we sent a simple email to unconverted leads and prospects and landed TWO NEW CLIENTS! Then, from a SINGLE email to current clients, we WON 5 NEW DEALS with 4 deals pending! With Robin’s Aspirin Campaign, we got ANOTHER NEW CLIENT and one more pending! And we created a new “Robin-ized” website in less than a month that’s already driving traffic.

After implementing a considerable amount of Robin’s marketing suggestions, we have already experienced remarkable results. In just ONE MONTH, we have added $7,438.02 to our monthly recurring revenue! In just 12 weeks, we have generated $423,108 in project work! Now we are ready… ready to do the work, ready to grow!"

Michelle Largent

Michelle Largent


90 Days Of Accountability Brings $6,746 In MRR And $8,502 In Project Revenue

From zero marketing for 18 years to a trickle of marketing for a couple years, we were finally ready to get aggressive and consistent with our marketing. Ninety days of ACCOUNTABILITY in her Rapid Implementation Workshop is the reason we ultimately came back to the Robin Robins program. Two personal accomplishments occurred during those 90 days. First, Jordan had her first child. Second, Michael took his first vacation in 21 years without working!

During the course of the workshop, we closed $6,746.53 in new monthly recurring revenue, which is equal to $80,958 in annual recurring revenue. Additionally, we closed $8,502.66 in project work!

After attending Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop, we want to continue the sprint. Our goals for the next 90 days are to implement all our campaigns through Infusionsoft, send out 10 direct mail campaign letters a week with phone call follow-up and begin sending the TechTips postcards again. We realize that marketing is never “done” and we look forward to continuing to work on it and grow Digital Minds!"

Michael Bush and Jordan Nipp

Michael Bush and Jordan Nipp

Digital Minds International

Robin Teaches The WHOLE BOOK Of Marketing. We “Aced” Her Class By Adding $30K In Just 12 Weeks!

Robin’s Rapid Implementation Workshop taught us how to pay greater attention to our clients. By doing quarterly business reviews with most of our clients over the last 12 weeks, we have closed just over $30,000 in project work! Plus, we signed a NEW CLIENT at DOUBLE our old rates — $500 a month, which is $6,000 a year! Thanks to Robin who showed us how to charge WHAT WE’RE WORTH, we will soon be generating an extra $2,000 in monthly recurring revenue from our current clients!

The revenue gains we have realized are wonderful, but our biggest win is now having an ACTUAL MARKETING PLAN with the foundations we need for consistent growth. Yes, Robin and her team have TRANSFORMED our business, and I look forward to the growth and accountability Accelerators Club will bring. Robin teaches the WHOLE BOOK on marketing."

Kyndel Wynn

Kyndel Wynn

Info Station

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